Vision and Values

At Ark Paddington Green we want to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and character to be successful and happy.

Our school is defined by:

  • An inclusive, transformational culture: We believe that more than 95% of our pupils can be happy and successful at university
  • No excuses and high expectations of pupils, parents and staff: We have rigorous pupil behaviour management policies in place, as well as exceptional staff commitment
  • Maximising outcomes by creating engaging, fast paced and more time for learning
  • A curriculum which is genuinely university preparatory: our curriculum prioritises depth before breadth

The values that we celebrate in our community are called PAW values, and stand for:



Working together

Our pupils and staff display these values, and by explicitly growing our pupils's chracter through a values driven approach we believe we are nurturing children who will grow into caring, determined and passionate members of their community.