Ofsted and Performance Data


Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy joined the Ark network in September 2016 and has not yet been inspected by Ofsted.

The predecessor school, Paddington Green Primary, was rated ‘good’ by Ofsted in July 2012, and was inspected in part in December 2015. Both reports are available here.

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As part of the Ark network, Paddington Green benefits from a rigorous approach to pupil tracking, that allows for progress to be achieved by our pupils. Our pupils' learning is assessed and compared to pupils across the Ark network, so that our teachers can see how pupils are performing and share the teaching techniques which really work. Within this context, pupils are assessed formally on a termly basis (on average) in each of Reading, Writing and Maths.

We aim for all our pupils to achieve a good level of development across nursery and reception and for them all to achieve success in the Phonics screener at the end of Year 1. As our pupils enter KS1 and then KS2, we are able to use nationally referenced tests to assess both attainment and progress over time. This enables us to track how our pupils perform compared to the ambitious targets to be set for them.

Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy’s first year of operation was the academic year 2016-17. The results from July 2017 were as follows:

Key Stage 2 Outcomes

The progress scores above place the school’s outcomes in the top 10% of all primary schools in the country.

Phonics Screener

97% of our pupils passed the national Phonics assessment in Year 1, compared to a national average of 81%.



Attendance has improved significantly since 90.7% in 2006 to 96.1% for the most recent academic year 2016-17. It is being sustained at or above the national average of 96% due to a consistent cycle of half termly and termly praise and recognition for excellent attendance and robust and focused follow up of absences.  

The school is committed to increasing attendance further in order to maximise the development of pupils.