Year 4 at The London Eye

Year 4 visited the London Eye to experience the setting of their new book, 'Mystery on the London Eye' by Siobhan Dowd. The year 4 team loved the experience of seeing London from new heights, and everyone braved the moving capsules! Their teachers are particularly proud of the way the class got across London - a member of the public emailed Ms Deeks to say how impressed they were with the classes' behavior. A copy of this message is below. Great job year 4!

Hello. I am emailing to say, I was on the tube this morning, it was especially busy due to some delays. As I got on the Bakerloo Line at Baker Street station and found the carriage filled with children and teachers! I cannot begin to say how well behaved your students were!  I presume they were on their way to a school trip of some sort but the teachers handled the situation wonderfully and the students were incredibly well behaved! I thought I would email because I was so impressed and it's very easy for morning commuters to get grumpy at this scenario but there was absolutely nothing to be grumpy over because they were delightful! Please do pass this on to the teachers because they did a FANTASTIC job.