Sayers Croft

Last week, Year 5 Imperial went for a three days and two nights residential. This is the first Paddington Green residential in 5 years! The experience was an enormous success, and the children’s participation in every activity and behaviour throughout the three days was exceptional. We were most impressed with how well they worked with their partners in supporting and encouraging them in every task.

In total, 57 Star of the Day certificates were awarded during our time away, which is a wonderful indication of how proud we were of their achievements. Ms. Moir, Mr O’Gorman and Mrs Deeks, along with all the children, experienced many memorable activities including orienteering, a blindfold trail, caving, climbing boulders, building shelters, a tree rope challenge in harnesses and team challenges. Mrs Deeks’ favourite activities were the night walk and singing songs while munching scrumptious roasted marshmallows around a campfire.