Science Week Activity for Year 5

Year 5 visited the science lab at King Solomon Academy to explore ways to separate mixtures. Since this half term's inquiry question is 'How do we get drinking water on a desert island?', children separated mixtures containing water, salt, sand, and metal flakes. 

Each group picked out the rocks, used magnets to collect metals and filtered out the sand using funnels and filter paper. Then to remove the salt from the water, Mr. Bowkett did a demonstration of distilling the solution to leave pure water and some salt crystals.

Year 5 enjoyed the session very much! After the session, Mr Bowkett contacted Year 5 team to say 'Thank you for bringing such a well-behaved and engaged class over to our labs today. It was a delightful session and APG are welcome back anytime.'

We cannot wait to visit the KSA lab again for some more exciting science experiments!