Important News


Are you looking for a school place for your child? We still have nursery and reception places available, and would love for your child to join the Ark Paddington Green and King Solomon Academy family.

Form September 2019, following the merger, all pupils at Ark Paddington Green will become King Solomon Academy pupils and there will be one admission point to King Solomon Academy. The Reception and Nursery Open days are:

Tuesday 20th November at 9am starting at King Solomon Academy Older Years Site (Penfold Street, NW1 6RU). The tour will move the Younger Years Site (Crompton Street, London W2 1ND), starting the tour there at 10am and finishing at 10.30am. The Younger Years site currently houses Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy, but from September 2019 this school will merge and the site will become the home of King Solomon Academy Younger Years (Nursery to Year 4).

Tuesday 11th December at 2pm starting at King Solomon Academy Younger Years Site (Crompton Street, London W2 1ND, currently Ark Paddington Green), then moving to the Older Years Site at 3pm and ending at 3.30pm.

Wednesday 9th January at 9am starting at King Solomon Academy Older Years Site (Penfold Street, NW1 6RU), then moving to the Younger Years Site (Crompton Street, London W2 1ND) where the tour starts at 10am and finishes at 10.30am.

Reception: By choosing Ark Paddington Green and King Solomon Academy for your child's school, you are placing them in an all-through school with an automatic place in primary and secondary. For more information please click here, and to apply please click here to complete an e-Admissions form.

Nursery:  Our nursery provision is supported by dedciated leadership and fully qualified staff, thus ensuring your child is provided with outstanding education and life changing opportunities. For more information please click here, and to apply please click here to complete an e-Admissions form.


Parent and Teacher Forums

Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)

Ark Paddington Green currently does not have an established PTA, but is fortunate to have strong community engaged and support through the following forums.


Home Learning Workshops

Every term, we hold a cycle of Home Learning Workshops for parents and carers. Each year group hosts a workshop, attended by children and their parents or carers. These workshops are planned by the Senior Leadership Team and delivered in collaboration with all members of the teaching team. Workshops are typically one hour and will cover a range of themes that ensure our community is always fully up to date with school developments, the latest research findings, strategies for supporting pupils at home in reading, writing and maths, as well as health and well-being. Attendance at these workshops is excellent, often 100% and no lower than 92%.


Community Consultation

It is important for the Ark Paddington Green team to understand viewpoints on the school’s development from the perspective of our families, so we can ensure concerns or misconceptions are addressed. Every year we conduct a consultation through a questionnaire and invite parents and carers to feedback. The data is gathered and analysed by the Senior Leadership Team, and is shared with the whole community. We take feedback seriously to plan for change and meet with individuals to understand further the nature of their concern.


Summer Fair

Every year in July we hold a wonderful summer fair event for the whole community. It is well attended by current and previous families and the money raised covers the cost of a yearly theatre show experience for the whole school. The organisation of this event is led by a parent and a team of parent volunteers from across the schools. The governing body are also keen participants as it provides them with the perfect opportunity to get to know the community.


Getting to Know You Dinners

At the start of each academic year, we provide a family atmosphere event, where parents and carers can meet their child’s new class teaching team and interact with other families. The children sing songs, play instrumentals and then enjoy home-made food from around the world contributed by families and teaching teams.