School Trips

Year 6 - Ice Skating at Somerset Houe (December 2017)

Year 6 had the wonderful opportunity of going ice skating at Somerset House. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was great to see them working so well as a team by helping one another to stay on their feet! Children felt so grateful to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to skate with all of their friends during their last year of primary school!







Year 5 - Rolling Bridge (November 2017)

In Year 5, we have been exploring forces in Science. This local trip to the Rolling Bridge, at Paddington Basin, allowed us to see forces in action and consider the importance of various forces in designing bridges. On the way, there were lots of building works taking place which allowed the children to observe the forces of pushing, pulling, gravity and friction, and their effects such as crushing, spinning, floating and sliding.

The children also had the opportunity to watch the Merchant Square footbridge open and close. The design of this bridge was based on the Japanese traditional fan. Exploring the theme of inspiration and what may have inspired the architects to design the bridges, Year 5 Imperial class speculated about the inspiration behind the rolling bridge.  Ideas ranged from a lizards tongue to a towering head teacher!

The trip was a delight and we look forward to other classes visiting. 





Year 3 - Posting Letters (October 2017)

In the first half of term Year 3 - Roehampton Class learnt all about the rainforest. We used the book 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry to inspire our writing. For our final writing outcome all of the children wrote a letter to the author, Lynne Cherry, explaining what they had taken away from her book. Here are some wonderful pictures of some very excited Year 3 children posting their letters on the last day of half term.