Curriculum Aims


Our curriculum aims to be genuinely university prepartory, enabling our pupils to be highly successful in academic study at 18 and beyond. In order to achieve this goal, we need to establish mastery of English and mathematics in our pupils from a young age. Our prioritisation of the Read, Write, Inc Phonics programme at the outset of primary school (with 5 full lessons a week in Years R, 1 and 2) supported by remedial catch up phonics where required after Year 2. In Maths we utlise Ark's successful Maths Mastery programme, and aim to prepare pupils to be able to be fluent in the skills, and inspired by the power and complexity of mathematics from a young age.

As well as focusing on master of numeracy and literacy, we aim to provide our pupils with opportunities to develop their characters to be able to be successful in the future. By focusing on our values of perserverance, aspiration and working together, we will celebrate and foster behaviours and attitudes which will lead to happiness and success. Through sports, music, competition and trips out of school our pupils will develop confidence and determination.


Phonics & Reading

Read Write Inc (RWI)

At Ark Paddington Green we use the Read Write Inc Phonics programme (RWI) to get children off to a flying start with their reading and literacy. RWI is a reading programme designed and developed by Ruth Miskin, one of the country’s leading authorities on teaching children to read. The programme aims to create fluent readers, willing writers and confident speakers.

When using RWI to read the children will:

•Learn that sounds are represented by written letters

•Learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple picture prompts

•Learn how to blend sounds

•Learn to read words using Fred Talk

•Read lively stories featuring words they have learned to sound out

•Show that they comprehend the stories by answering questions


Watch the video below to learn how the sounds (or phonics) of English help with reading:

We are delighted to report Read Write Inc. is already making an impact with the majority of children at Ark Paddington Green with children in KS1 achieving higher levels of reading.


Read to Succeed (R2S)

Ark Paddington green have introduced a new 5 day reading model called ‘Read to Succeed’ ( R2S) for children from Years 1 -6. The model has been up and running since November 2016 and is inspired by ARKs reading revolution.

 The main principles of this model are:

Exposure to high quality, diverse texts, rich in language which form a literature spine from Nursery to Year 6.

Giving children a chance to discuss in detail themes and form opinions about texts, allowing them to make comparisons between text they have read and their own experiences.

To practice the retrieval and inference skills children need to be able to answer questions about texts.

To write a critical essay that responds to a ‘Big Idea’ question. Examples of ‘Big Idea’ questions have included What does it mean to be courageous? ( Y4) Why are love and hope important? ( Y5) and How do we overcome challenges? ( Y2)