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Nursery and Reception Admissions for September 2019

Congratulations to all parents who have gained a place at Reception for September 2019.

We still have a handful of places remaining in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for September. If you would like a place for your child, even if you did not previously apply, you can gain a place by applying now. Click here for more information and here to apply.

Applications for Nursery class in September 2019 has closed, we offered places on 24 May. If you still would like to be considered, you can submit a late application here.


Reporting your Child Absent

Parents are now able to report their child's absence online by completing the absence for, which can be found here. Parents are advised to complete this form before the start of the school day.

Merger with King Solomon Academy in 2019

Merger with King Solomon Academy

In September 2019, Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy will merge with King Solomon Academy, with pupils and staff from both schools coming together. This page lays out what this means for current and future pupils and how the merger will work.

Why merge the schools?

Bringing together King Solomon Academy and Ark Paddington Green represents a fantastic opportunity to create a high quality all through school across two well equipped sites, which will be able to have a transformational impact on the community it serves. By reorganising the space and making improvements across the two sites, Ark Schools and Westminster believe that the needs of the local community will be met.

The merger will achieve the following:

  • Create an extra form of entry at Secondary (compared to the current provision) to meet the shortfall in secondary places in Westminster (King Solomon Academy at secondary age will increase from 60 to 90 pupils per year group)
  • Provide a high quality outdoor environment for the youngest pupils, fully utlising the wooded and spacious environment at the Younger Years Site
  • Ensure that primary pupils benefit from a broad and well delivered curriculum more easily delivered in year groups of 90
  • Allow the school to offer 2 year old provision to ensure pupils get the best possible start
  • Provide a sustainable and broader curriculum offer to pupils of the school from Years 5 to 13
  • Create a tailored Sixth Form Centre allowing pupils the opportunity to have a university preparatory education
  • Over time, through the expansion, to ensure that resources are efficiently used and the school can sustainably offer a world class education

What does it mean for my child who is a current APG pupil?

Current pupils at Ark Paddington Green will benefit considerably from the merger. In September 2019, they will be given the opportunity to join King Solomon Academy, and receive the high quality all-through education provided by the school. Historically, as a stand alone primary school, pupils have had to manage a complex transition to a range of secondary schools. Through the merger, this transition will be made signficantly easier.

APG pupils who will be entering Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 or Year 4 in September 2019 will remain at the current APG site. They will move from being the only class in their year group to being in one of three classes. This will mean that the school can provide a richer curriculum and extra curriculum offer, and that the teachers can benefit from more collaboration and support. We believe this will lead to a better provision for pupils.These pupils will remain at this site until they reach Year 5 when they will transfer to the Older Years Site.

APG pupils who will be entering Years 5, 6 or 7 in September 2019 will move across to what is currently the KSA site on Penfold Street. They will join two other classes and be in a year group of three classes. By being at the Older Years site, pupils will gain access to the specialist spaces of at King Solomon Academy including science laboratories, music rooms, a large sports pitch and sports hall, dance studio and Art rooms. They will have a seamless transition to secondary learning with no changes to the expectations, curriculum, approach or culture.

Does my child have to join King Solomon Academy?

Ark Schools, which runs both KSA and APG, believes that the strengths of both schools will be bought together to create a remarkable school for the community to benefit from. Westminster Council have committed to building the additional facilities to ensure the school has great provision. For these reasons and those outlined above, the school believes that all children at APG currently will receive a fantastic education if they take their place at King Solomon Academy. However, parents do have the right to choose another primary school for their child to attend, on the condition that those schools have places. This opportunity will be provided by the school directly with parents and the Local Authority later in the academic year for current year's R-Year 5, and through the secondary transition process for Year 6. 

Building works and disruption to 2018-19 year

In order to benefit from the space and facilities to create more space for our pupils, Westminster Local Authority has committed to funding building works at the APG and King Solomon Acacademy sites. It is intended for the building work to be phased across the two sites to minimise disruption. The major works at the current APG site will involve the building of the new nursery (where the current portakabins are). This work will commence during this year, ahead of planned completion for February 2020. The works will be planned to minimise dispruption, ensuring the entrance and exit on Park Place Villas at the start and end of the day is maintained and any particuarly dispriptive works happen during holidays. Nursery classes will be based in the main building while the new building is finished.

If you have any questions relating to the merger, please speak to the staff at the school, including the Head of School, Ms Deeks.